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Champion Chem-Dry’s Commitment to Safe, Healthy Carpet Cleaning

Jul 3, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, upholstery cleaning

Champion Chem-Dry’s Commitment to Safe, Healthy Carpet Cleaning

Your home is a place where you can feel relaxed and enjoy family time. When your house is dirty or messy, that relaxing feeling may subside. If you have decided that professional carpet cleaning is what your home needs, you’ll want a cleaning company with years of experience and a solid reputation in your community to ensure excellent results. 

Are you searching for an environmentally-conscious carpet cleaning company that employs gentle techniques for both the planet and your family? Champion Chem-Dry may be the perfect option for you.

 Here’s what you should look for in an eco-friendly carpet cleaner.

A Safe and Kid-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Process

Your children and animals likely spend a lot of time on your carpets, so it’s crucial that the cleaners use products that are safe for your family’s most vulnerable members. 

At Champion Chem-Dry, we understand this is a significant concern for families, and we are proud to provide complete peace of mind. Chem-Dry cares about your family and the environment. You can rest assured that we’ll leave your carpets safer and healthier for your children and pets, without harsh chemicals or toxic residues.

Transparency about non-toxic cleaning products

Transparency is essential when it comes to cleaning. You need to know what types of cleaning solutions will be used in your home to ensure you’re making an eco-friendly choice. If you ask about cleaning solutions and the carpet cleaner can’t provide details, be cautious.

At Champion Chem-Dry, we take pride in our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process, which uses our proprietary carbonated cleaning solution called The Natural®. Its ingredients are all listed on the FDA’s Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) list, and it contains no toxic chemicals or harsh detergents.

We also have a frequently asked questions page to help people find answers to a variety of cleaning questions for services like carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, and more.

A focus on minimizing water usage

Conventional carpet cleaning methods, especially steam cleaning, use large amounts of water. This not only wastes resources but also leaves carpets soaking wet, increasing the risk of mold and mildew growth.

To avoid these issues, it’s important to choose a carpet cleaner that delivers excellent results without using excessive water. Our HCE process is an ideal option for eco-conscious families. By utilizing the power of carbonation, our HCE method uses 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning. This approach is better for both the environment and your carpets.

The cleaning products are evaluated according to strict standards.

It’s encouraging when carpet cleaning companies assess their products against stringent eco-friendly standards. At Chem-Dry, we use a revolutionary ECOLOGO Certified solution called, The Natural®. which is non-toxic and safe for humans, animals, and aquatic life, and it meets clean air requirements.

Are you searching for a carpet cleaning in Pueblo, CO that values the environment as much as clean carpets? Contact Champion Chem-Dry today at (719) 647-1545.

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